About the Journal


advances.in/psychology is an international, peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes work that advances the various subfields of psychology and their intersections including but not limited to:

  • clinical and health psychology
  • social, cultural and community psychology
  • personality and individual differences
  • cognitive psychology and neuroscience
  • developmental psychology
  • forensic psychology
  • business and organizational psychology
  • methods
  • sports and rehabilitation psychology

We accept empirical research articles, research reports, reviews, meta-analyses, commentaries and various other types of submissions (see author guidelines for details).

advances.in/psychology practices transparent double-blind peer review. Ideally, papers are reviewed by one reviewer with expertise in the field of the submission and another reviewer with expertise in a different field. This ensures that successful submissions advance the state of the art and, at the same time, are relevant and accessible to a broader audience. We pay editors and reviewers for their work. You can read more about the advantages that it has here. For transparency, the anonymous reviews are published as a report alongside the accepted article. We rely on the evaluations by editorial board members as well as external reviewers. In some cases, we may ask authors for reviewer recommendations.

The decision to publish a manuscript is made by the editor based on the evaluations provided by the reviewers.

Our journal is financed through an article processing charge (APC). The APC is $1950 for articles and research reports, and $450 for commentaries. Please note that we, different to other journals, use a significant part of our income to pay reviewers and editors for their work. You can learn more about our publishing model here.

For exceptionally strong contributions, we offer discounts and waivers to authors who cannot afford this charge. Please contact us if you believe that your manuscript meets these requirements. As our financial opportunities grow, we will offer waivers for qualified scholars on a more regular basis.

advances.in/psychology is an online journal. Articles are usually published online between a few days to weeks after acceptance.

In accordance in with the COPE framework, we archive all published articles in a public database.

This journal is owned by the publisher Advances.in.

All articles are published under the Creative Commons by license. As such, authors retain the copyright of their work but grant advances.in/psychology the non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable right to publish their manuscript, its figures, tables and data and additionally provided material in different variations online on all websites and journals that are owned by or collaborate with Advances.in.