How to Choose the Right Psychology Journal for Your Research

Finding a psychology journal

Choosing the psychology journal that fits your research and vision

If you conduct research in psychology, you often have to choose a psychology journal that best fits your work. In addition to a matching thematic scope and high impact factors, authors innately want their research to be available to a large audience. Thus, publishing in a psychology journal that practices open access becomes a natural choice.

Moreover, the time a journal usually needs to conduct the review process plays a critical role. Most authors know how frustrating it can be to wait months for reviews just to learn that their paper was rejected. The review process is often lengthy and prone to delays because reviewers (and sometimes even editors) aren’t paid for their work. Many reviewers feel that their work isn’t appreciated and respected. Unsurprisingly, they often feel little dedicated to the publishing model most journals practice today.

Another vital aspect authors commonly consider when choosing the right psychology journal for their work is the quality of the peer review. Often, authors experience that reviews are superficial and that reviewers did a mediocre job. Again, this experience can be explained by the lack of financial compensation publishers provide to reviewers. Ask yourself, how motivated would you feel to work for free for a large publisher that makes billions based on the free labor you and others provide. Luckily, constitutes an alternative to this publication model.

Many authors wait long to hear back from their psychology journal...

Advantages of publishing in the psychology journal

Recently we started a psychology journal that does things differently than most existing journals. Like other respected journals in the field, we practice rigorous peer-review to ensure that we publish high-quality research. Moreover, we publish all articles with open access to make them available to everyone. However, unlike most journals, we pay editors and reviewers for their work. If you are interested in how this works, click here.

We give back to the community.

Our psychology journal is thus built on a more sustainable publishing model that gives back to the academic community. Paying editors and reviewers is not only the right thing to do. It also improves the peer review process in various ways. We provide a quicker and higher-quality peer review than many other journals due to highly motivated editors and reviewers who feel respected for their work. This allows us to offer quick reviews to authors without compromising the review quality.

Our respected editorial board believes in change.

The editorial board of our psychology journal consists of highly esteemed scholars from reputable academic institutions. They are equally motivated as we are to promote a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable scholarly publishing model. Our ambition does not stop at our own journals. We hope to inspire other journals and publishers to adopt our publishing model as well.

We accept a variety of contributions.

We welcome empirical and theoretical contributions in all psychology subdisciplines and topics where psychology plays an essential role. We accept quantitative and qualitative empirical articles, review papers, meta-analyses, commentaries, and many other formats. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you wonder whether your contribution fits our psychology journal. We are happy to offer our advice.

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Help change academic publishing by submitting to our psychology journal

Thus, when choosing the next psychology journal for your research, you can support a more sustainable and fair publishing model by submitting your work to our journal By publishing in our cross-disciplinary journal, you reach a broad readership, receive quick and high-quality reviews, and ensure that your colleagues get paid for their time. With your contribution you can make a difference.