6 Reasons to Submit to a New Psychology Research Journal

We have started a new and innovative psychology research journal

The psychology research journal advances.in/psychology publishes empirical and theoretical contributions. The journal is one of a kind because it pays editors and reviewers for their work. This significantly improves the peer review process because editors and reviewers of our psychology research journal are highly motivated to do a thorough job and to submit evaluations within a short time. However, we know that choosing between many potential outlets for your work can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Below, we have therefore listed 6 reasons for submitting your work to our upcoming psychology research journal.

A psychology research journal

1. You publish open access and retain the copyright.

When you publish in our psychology research journal, your articles are made publicly available to a broad readership. We publish all work following the CC-by license. This means that you retain the copyright to your work while granting us the nonexclusive right to publish it in our journal. That means that your work remains yours after publication.

2. You support your colleagues and your community.

Unlike most established publishers, we use significant parts of our revenue to compensate editors and reviewers financially. You can read more about what this looks like in practice here. In short, each editor and reviewer signs a consultation agreement with us. Once their evaluations pass an internal quality check, they invoice us and are paid within 14 days. That means that you support your colleagues whenever you publish in our journal. Likewise, other authors who publish in our journal support you when you review or handle a paper for us.

3. You get fast and high-quality reviews.

We all know how frustrating it can be to wait months for a decision on our paper. Similarly, we know how it feels to receive superficial and often unconstructive reviews that clearly show a lack of motivation among reviewers and editors. By contrast, we ensure high motivation among those evaluating your paper by paying them for their work. Our goal is that you always receive high-quality evaluations from your peers within a short time. To ensure this, we quality-check all reviews. Each reviewer gets an internal score within our system. This enables us to select reviewers who consistently deliver high-quality evaluations.

4. You publish in an ambitious psychology research journal.

Our goal is to become the number one go-to open access psychology research journal. You are among the first authors whose work we make available to our broad readership by publishing with us now. Our journal is a member of Crossref. Hence, all articles have a DOI number and are immediately searchable.

5. You publish in a journal with an excellent editorial board.

There are a lot of open access psychology research journals to choose from. One way to determine the seriousness and prospects of a journal is by judging its editorial board. Our board features esteemed scholars from some of the world’s most reputable institutions. These individuals joined us because they believe in our vision and share our ambition.

6. You help promote a fairer publishing model.

By publishing in our journal, you do not only support your colleagues, but also generally help promote a fairer and more sustainable publishing model. By showing that academic publishing can be done differently, we hope to inspire established publishers to implement similar models. By publishing with us, you thus become part of this change.

We hope that reading this post made you interested in learning more about our journal. In the menu at the top of this page, you can find links to additional information about our journal. In addition, if you would like to submit your manuscript to our journal, you can do so here.

Our psychology research journal has several advantages.